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Cathartic Organization

I declutter, sort, organize home /office/closets/garage/storage units, etc. Can work alone or one on one. If you are overwhelmed I have patience to see the bigger to organize and get it done in a timely manner. I work fast. Not afraid of hoarders.  Offering encouragement and supplying creative problem-solving solutions to get the results you desire. Check out before/after on  IG @easyeorganizer . I look forward to helping you clear your space clear your mind.


Charlie D.

“Amazing experience! Esther was just outstanding. We are so happy with how everything turned out. Highly recommend! ”

January 2, 2022

Socorro C.

“If you’re lucky enough to have Esther come into your space, you will be so happy and satisfied. She was very professional and impeccable. I will hire her again so my life can be organized. ”

January 3, 2021

Joi B

“Excellent organizational skills. She provided great instructions and easy to work with !”

September 14, 2021

Petronella L.

“WOW!  2nd time working with Esther & as always, an amazing experience!  My place is organized, transformed & I have tips to keep it organized going forward.”

August 24, 2021

Diandra L.

“Esther was great! Life happened and I was a little late and she was great - helped us start the first of several organizing projects. She’s amazingly kind and doesn’t force you to part ways with anything but encourages you to do what is best for you and the goal. Highly recommend and booking again!”

March 29, 2021

Brian B.

“Esther did an amazing job organizing my apartment. Highly recommend her for any organizational needs. ”

October 31, 2020

Breonna W.

“Esther is truly amazing ! I was severely overwhelmed in a 1 bedroom apartment and she was able to come in, declutter and reorganize. She was patient, made sure I was okay every step of the way, walked me through her process and worked efficiently. She’s truly a God send in my opinion. Will recommend all the time !! Can’t wait until she’s able to come back ❤️ ”

Robin G.

“Esther is amaazing. She works extremely hard and is a joy to be around. I could not recommend her more!”

Allyson G.

“Esther walked me through her organization process and then worked around my schedule that day to ensure she got the needed feedback and could continue to work when I was busy. ”

Christian H.

​"Esther rocked!  She reorganised our office cupboards from chaos into clarity.  ”

Millard F.

“It's such a small room and it was overflowing with stuff everywhere, and when Esther was done with it, all was orderly and even, one might say, airy! I don't know how she did it! She's a true pro, and a pleasure to work with.”

Julia A.

“Fabulous! We would never have been able to declutter that study on our own. Esther is the expert, with excellent judgement not just on how to put everything away, but also on what to leave out.”

Jaclyn C.

“Esther is AMAZING!!! She is super efficient and knowledgeable on how to organize in a way I would not have been able to on my own. It feels like I’m in a new apartment. I highly highly recommend booking Esther for organizing!!!”

Lauren F.

“Esther is INCREDIBLE. She came to tackle my closets and bureau and knew my time constraints....she had a vision for how we would organize and we blasted through it! We ended taking 4 large bags to Goodwill and I can honestly say she was good company, very thoughtful in her approach and I will DEFINITELY work with her again! THANK YOU ESTHER!!!”

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