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I'm Esther, An Expert in Decluttering and Organizing 

I help you De-clutter then organize your home, individual rooms, closets, basement, attic, storage units and offices. ​

I have the skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job my clients have, no matter how big or small it may be.

I incorporate EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, a stress relief modality that helps relieve emotional distress that may arise from working through your clutter.  

It brings me great joy to help you clear your space and mind so you can experience the relief of getting it done. Gain a new found freedom.  Help create serene spaces where you can flourish and flow in to your purpose.


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"We accomplished so much in a short period of time. In 4 hours we went through a closet, a room, and a hallway all filled with stuff. She sorted, I disposed, she organized, I put things away. It was a great system. We had two bags of trash, four big piles to donate, and a bunch of returns sorted out for me to do.


Can’t wait until I can have her come again & we tackle the bedroom & closet!

Thank you Esther!!"

Megan P

Organizing, Packing & Shipping:

" I simply can't recommend this woman enough! I'm pretty sure there isn't anything she can't do: she thinks quickly on her feet, works faster than I can describe and with great efficiency, and comes up with creative solutions to complex problems and makes what she does look easy.


 I additionally found her to be very trustworthy, very nice to be around and incredibly insightful.   A very stressful project became stress free because of Esther.  


Esther was an absolute asset to my project - so much so that I hired her repeatedly and referred her to another project.  She's creative, organized, funny, efficient and a joy to be around; I'd hire her again in a second!


If you want to hire superwoman, hire Esther!"

Jill M


"Esther is literally a godsend. She has a talent for organizing and is fearless in addressing all aspects of organizing. She has vision for seeing how everything should be organized and de cluttered and then she is able to pack with ultimate efficiency. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by any packing or decluttering, she’s the one to hire. Because of her my house is now organized and packed and ready for a move.


Thank you!!"

Cynthia D

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